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“I have seen the future of Finnish heavy metal. It looks and sounds like the 1980s, smells of leather and tastes like kerosene. Ranger is its name”.
– Mervi Vuorela, RumbaMagazine 9/2013 –

In late 2008, four kids had a passion for heavy metal. They spent all their money on records. Soon mere listening to heavy metal, watching old concert videos and headbanging wasn't enough anymore so they decided to form the fastest, loudest heavy metal band ever in Finland.

Because of former band experience everybody already knew how to play something, so the casting of the band was a no-brainer. Everyone in the band being enamored with “Fistful Of Metal” from Anthrax, Turbin was chosen as the initial band name. The fledgling band played cover songs from Anthrax, Saxon, Angel Witch, etc. to get things going. Soon their own songs started to develop. It was around this time when Turbin got an opportunity to perform at a band competition and played its first gig.

In May 2009 Turbin changed name to Ranger and recorded their 1st demo called “Enter The Zone”. 50 or so CD-Rs of the demo were printed and as a nifty move of niche promotion, handed out free at Germany’s Keep It True Festival in 2009. The demo caught the attention of Ektro Records' head honcho Jussi Lehtisalo, but things didn’t amount to anything just yet.

After a small hiatus in 2009 – 2011 the ball started rolling for real. Miko had new song ideas and the band had a couple of rehearsals, after which bass player Jokebi left. Vocalist Dimi then picked up the bass. 2011 saw the birthing of more new songs and Ranger finally started playing live shows. In November 2011, drummer Ville left the band, so guitar player Miko sat on the drum throne. Ranger was now a trio. 

As a trio, Ranger recorded their 2nd demo, “Metal Gear” in late 2012 with a 4-track tape recorder. An old friend of the band Veke, joined in as a guitarist. The “Combat Metal” demo was recorded in 2013 and shows started happening more frequently. After 4 years in existence, finally several record labels fielded offers for the band. A deal was struck with Finnish label Ektro Records and the freshly signed band recorded their debut MLP “Knights Of Darkness”.

Dropping on the Finnish metal scene like a hydrogen bomb, Ranger in short order proved to be the kind of real-deal pounding metal not heard in ages: a vocalist that sounds like a banshee on the attack, twin lead guitars that send shivers down your spine, and drums hammering like a freight train derailed. Handily coined “skull splitting metal” Ranger showed they can halve your head with their intense energy and power heard through every second of the explosive MLP. Powerthrashing heavy metal with steaming Marshalls, pounding drums, face-melting screams and rifforama that makes you want to break something…

In 2013 the band joined the roster of the Finnish Blow Up That Gramophone booking agency/management and have since played e. g. the stages of Tuska Open Air, Jalometalli, IlosaariRock, Porispere and Germany’s Keep It True Festival.

Concluding the contract with Ektro Records, the “Shock Skull” 7” EP was released on the summer of 2014, followed by “Skull Splitting Metal!” compilation put together by Ektro. The compilation included every Ranger release from 2009's “Enter the Zone” demo to “Shock Skull” EP plus an unreleased demo version of the ‘Touch of Death’ song. 

By the end of 2014, everybody of note in the domestic music press and industry had taken note of Ranger. In In the generally allergic-to-heavy-metal Rumba magazine they were selected among the 12 most probable future success stories in Finland – as the only metal band, of course. Soundi magazine in turn chose them as their pet band in the MARS (Music. Assembly. Research. Showbusiness.) conference. The cap off a great year of popular and critical success, the biggest national daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat lists Ranger as the 2nd most interesting new metal band in Finland.

Ranger released its first full length album “Where Evil Dwells” through Spinefarm Records in 2015. The band has already been confirmed to play at Puntala Winter Attack indoor mini festival, the highlight of the Finnish headbangers’ summer, Nummirock and Norway’s Beyond The Gates festival.

Bang your head with power and crank Ranger up LOUDER SO THE NEIGHBOURS CAN HEAR!

Booking: Ari Koskinen

Production: Vilhelmiina Viitaniemi

Anna Mäkelä
050 5814153

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