Luis Ake (DE)

Synth-pop-artisti Luis Ake esiintyy Molchat Doman tiistaina 9.11.2021 Helsingin Ääniwallissa toteutuvan keikan avausartistina. 

Syyskuussa julkaistu ”Liebe” on saksalaismuusikon toinen kokopitkä. ”Luis Ake is no stranger to genre-bending sounds and gravity-defying music and his new album ‘Liebe’ (German for ‘love’) is a groundbreaking new contribution to Europe’s pop scene. Not one to shy away from getting personal, Luis is lyrically candid whilst taking inspiration from a myriad of different styles, from floor-filling 80s grooves to soothing electric piano pop ballads.” -Music Crowns

Booking: Artemi Remes

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