Finland's leading live music agency´s anniversary year include Ed Sheeran´s and Hassisen Kone´s stadium shows, as well as Sideways, Provinssi, Knotfest and Punk In Drublic festivals. In addition to booking international artists, Fullsteam Agency represents more than 100 domestic artists. “Since its beginning, Fullsteam has played the role of a flag bearer in the domestic and international music field, both as a presenter of new artists and a builder of sustainable artistic care, as well as a provider of diverse and high-quality live experiences. Although many things in the industry have changed in 20 years and the scale of Fullsteam's operations has grown, we in the Fullsteam family still work with great love for the same basic principles and values” says Tuomo Tähtinen, CEO of Fullsteam Agency.

Fullsteam began as a Fullsteam Records record company and has since expanded to include Fullsteam Agency, which organizes concerts and festivals, Fullsteam Management, a management and music supervisor, and Fullsteam Publishing.

Fullsteam Management is also currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. During its operations, the company has been honored to work with a number of leading artists and executives, including entertainment professionals. Today, in addition to managerial activities, the core of the company's business is the expansion of the music supervisor side and close cooperation with the Red Carpet Film Festival.

Fullsteam Records´s roster includes Finnish rock legend Ismo Alanko, indie pop group Ruusut and Pariisin Kevät, Sarparanta and multi-talented artist Iisa.