Vera Wall

Many people know Vera Wall from her debut single called "JENKKI" which was released in autumn 2022. The song received a great success on several different platforms, and was nominated for "Song of the year" at the Indie Awards gala 2023. In January 2023, the artist's second single "Satumaa" was released.

Vera has only been making music on a professional level for a few years, but has dedicated her life to music and its challenges all her life, while writing arranging and producing her songs mostly herself. The final touches to the songs are from the producer Väinö Wallenius, with whom Vera has worked closely together all these years.

The lyrics are very personal to Vera, which shows her emotional way of interpreting and her ability to make listeners relate to the stories of the songs. Vera's stage presence and ability to take over the space are the artist's strengths, and behind the mic she literally blossoms without leaving anyone in the room cold.


Yhteisön todentama ‑kuvake

Booking: Mika Sorola

Production: Thomas Frankton

  • — Helsinki | Malmi

  • — Turku | Bar Kuka

  • — Tampere | G Livelab

  • — Pyhtää | Pyhtään kulttuuritalo

  • — Järvenpää | Vanhankylänniemen kartano

  • — Helsinki | On The Rocks