"Death Defying Tricks is the most exciting thing to come out of Finland since Jari Litmanen." –God Is In The TV
”Awesome track! Great vibe” –Lars Ulrich / Metallica (Beats 1)

Some call it alt-rock, we dont know what it is. Melodies, distortion, bunchy drums, easygoing dudes. Hamina-Karhula-Helsinki vibes.

Varvara returnen to the fray with 3rd album, Death Defying Tricks in January 2016. Six months of ​ self- production​ , recording​, arranging, ​honing their finest qualities ​and ​ expanding their sound palette finds Varvara in more than rude health. Death Defying Tricks final puzzle piece was applied by one of Sweden's best known sons of sonic debauchery and excitement, Pelle Gunnerfeldt (The Hives, Refused, Last Days Of April, Disco Ensemble). Pelle's mixes for the album bring sharply into focus Varvara's innate sense of melody and energy. 

The first taste from Death Defying Tricks, Sons, introduced Varvara's new confidence in spades. A hint of that 'Finnish melancholy' wrings from the opening pangs, till the crunch arrives and we're thrown into Sons energetic swirl. Mikko Kiri's pleading, almost croon like vocals preempts the garage style chaos that ensues on Sons chorus. Tight rhythm assaults and ringing strums with doubled guitar hit home as the chorus refrains:
"My daughters and sons, I love, I love you all.
Its so hard to let out from your mouth."

Sons is sometimes brutal fare, it's essence of thrown off abandonment means it delivers the thrills.

Varvara are:
Mikko Kiri - Vocals/Guitar
Tommi Muhli - Guitar
Toni Raukola- Guitar/Vocals
Simo Kuhlman - Bass
Lauri Tattari - Drums

Booking: Ari Koskinen

Production: Vilhelmiina Viitaniemi

  • — Hamina | Valojen Yö

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