Finland’s progressive thrash metal captains Stam1na no longer need an introduction in the country. Along with other significant acknowledgements on the way, the band has been awarded with five “Metal Album of the Year” trophies in the Finnish Emma Gala. Their newest release “Novus Ordo Mundi” peaked number one on the official album charts in the country on the week of its release. Stam1na have also reached a wide fanbase outside of Finland. 

Stam1na will perform at Knotfest, Turku on Friday 12.8.2022.
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The Finnish metal phenomenon Stam1na have achieved almost everything a rock band can achieve in Finland. Each of their six albums have sold Gold (one Platinum) and the band has played hundreds of mostly sold out shows all over the country. They have won six Emma awards (i.e. Finnish Grammy). 

Stam1na’s self-titled debut album catapulted Stam1na straight to the top of the Finnish metal scene right after its release. Stam1na toured around Finland and conquered more and more audience. In the yearly polls Finnish rock and metal audience were touchingly unanimous on Stam1na’s greatness; Stam1na was voted as The Newcomer Of The Year in all relevant medias.
Their second album, “Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä”, went straight to the 3rd place in the Official Finnish Chart, and has now sold gold, almost 20 000 copies. “Uudet Kymmenen Käskyä” won the Emma Award in Metal Album of the Year category. 

“Uudet kymmenen käskyä” was released in Germany by ZYX Music in 2007. In Autumn 2007, Apocalyptica invited Stam1na to play 14 gigs with them in the Baltic countries and Germany. Over 40 000 people enjoyed an unforgettable Stam1na show of virtuosity and great fun.  

Stam1na continued their glorious story with their third album “Raja”. It spent two weeks on the #1 position of the Finnish album charts and again sold about 20 000 copies. “Raja” took the band to Germany again. This time they made thousands of metalheads go nuts at Wacken Open Air festival. 

In February 2010 Stam1na released their fourth album “Viimeinen Atlantis”. The ambitious theme album got nothing but prais- ing reviews from the Finnish media and became the band’s first Platinum album.

Stam1na’s fifth album Nocebo was released in February 2012. The album was produced by Grammy nominated Joe Barresi who is also known for producing Tool’s 10000 Days and many others. Nocebo hit the #1 positition and sold gold right after its release. The album was released by Bieler Bros Records in the USA in July 2012.

Their seventh album “Elokuutio” was produced by a Finnish metal pioneer Janne Joutsenniemi (Stone) and mixed by Jens Bogren. The album sold gold like all their previous releases. After “Elokuutio” the band toured extensively all over Europe and visited also Japan and the famous 70 000 Tons of Metal cruise in the Caribbean sea. 

The eight album Taival was released in October 2018. It sold gold and hit again #1 at the Finnish album chart. They also won the best metal album award at Emma Gaala.

Booking: Ari Koskinen

Production: Heikki Häkkinen

  • — Helsinki | Jäähalli

  • — Helsinki | Tavastia

  • — Helsinki | Tavastia

  • — Tampere | Pakkahuone

  • — Kuopio | Sawohouse Underground

  • — Oulu | Tullisali

  • — Nivala | Tuiskula

  • — Turku | Logomo

  • — Lahti | Finlandia-klubi

  • — Jyväskylä | Lutakko

  • — Jyväskylä | Lutakko

  • — Turku | Knotfest


    Slipknot’s performance originally planned for August 2021 transforms into a two-day Knotfest metal festival and moves to 2022. Confirmed acts on the program feature Bring Me The Horizon (UK), Arch Enemy (SE)), Stam1na (FI) and Blind Channel (FI).

    Slipknot’s self-curated metal festival has been held in multiple international locations around the globe since 2012. Described as the dark carnival experience, the unforgettable event will take place in the Nordics for the first time. Knotfest stands among the most notable metal festivals in the world, and will take place in Turku, Finland on the weekend of August 12-13th, 2022. The tickets are now on sale at

    Stam1na will perform at Knotfest Friday on 12.8.2022.

  • — Nokia | Tuhdimmat tahdit


  • — Joensuu | Kerubin kesäkonsertti

  • — Jyväskylä | Rock In The City

  • — Seinäjoki | Vauhtiajot

  • — Helsinki | Kaisa Rocks


  • — Lieto | Smugglerrok

  • — Kemi | Satama Open Air

  • — Pori | Porispere

  • — Oulu | Qstock

  • — Kuopio | Kuopiorock

  • — Lappeenranta | Rock In The City

  • — Joensuu | Ilosaarirock


  • — Seinäjoki | Provinssi


  • — Tampere | Rockfest


  • — Virtual | Novus Ordo Mundi Live (stream)