Pekka Laine

Pekka Laine lives a double life. By day he is valued Yleisradio journalist, who hosts popular radio- and tv-documents about pop-culture. Then there is the more obscure side, where he is a guitar player and music producer. As the prime mover of the cult band The Hypnomen, Laine has been making wildly bubbly instrumental music since the 1990s. Encouraged by guitar legend Esa Pulliainen, the solo debut The Enchanted Guitar of Pekka Laine was published in 2021. The album is a declaration of love for the enchanted instrument, the electric guitar and its cosmic echoes.

The next step was inevitable. A magical journey of imagination must be taken in front of a live audience, and Pekka Laine & The Enchanted was born. In the six-member dream band, experience and vision meet the youth, when indie rockers and stylists of the new generation jump aboard the same rocket. As live arrangements, Laine's instrumental compositions offer imaginative travel for all the money.

Pekka Laine & The Enchanted is:

Pekka Laine - guitar
Tommi Pietiläinen - guitar
Topias Tiheäsalo - guitar
Toni Liimatta - keyboard
Väinö Karjalainen - bass
Mooses Kuloniemi - drums


Booking: Maija Kaarna

Production: Thomas Frankton

  • — Turku | M/S Viking Grace

  • — Tampere | Telakka

  • — Helsinki | Teatteri Viirus

  • — Turku | Dynamo

    & The Enchanted

  • — Helsinki | Malmitalo

  • — Helsinki | Bryggeri

  • — Pori | Pori Jazz

  • — Tampere | Tampere-talo

  • — Helsinki | G Livelab