Moon Shot

Music comes first. Can you believe it?! It’s true.

Moon Shot is a true 21st century rock band. Its four guys have gigs galore under their belts from around the world as members of Disco Ensemble, Children of Bodom and Lapko. Now they’re on a roll again, together for the first time. Moon Shot is a big bang to a new planet of sound.

“You never lose what you love”

It was young desire that set them off.

That happened in the previous millennium. Now press FFWD.

The guys launched on a path that spanned thousands of gigs in hundreds of countries in the ranks of Disco Ensemble, Children of Bodom and Lapko. Crusading through most continents, if not quite the seven seas, has given Jussi, Ville, Henkka and Mikko sureness of performance and musical vision for melodies that cure maladies. Because isn’t that what rock at its truest is all about: raging to love?

What do you do after your life’s work?

Call it quits? Take a break before a comeback?

No. You start again. You seek out others with the same dedication to musicianship. Others who have learned from experience how to make a rockband really tick. And you use what’s a little different now to take the shortcut to the runway and takeoff beyond Earthly pleasures.

Shoot from the hip to the moon.

If you still have the spark, that is. And these four men truly do.

The Moon Shot foursome has turned back with more maturity to rediscover what they’ve always loved.

“We’ve gone back to what really turned us onto music when we were in our teens and twenties. That’s the music that never leaves you,” says guitarist Jussi Ylikoski, who got Moon Shot started with his demos – the guy with Disco Ensemble in his past.

“After a while of running around and looking for the next great thing, I just started looking at what I really listen to. And it’s the guitar-based, vocal-driven rock’n’roll I loved 10-20 years ago,” adds vocalist Ville Malja, known until now as a driving force in Lapko.

“The four of us are joined by that love for late 1990s and early 2000s rock’n’roll. It’s the music that bit us deepest and still resonates,” says drummer Mikko Hakila, also of Disco Ensemble fame.

The fourth guy, bass player Henkka Seppälä, has taken the longest musical leap after touring the world with metal speedsters Children of Bodom. “At first, I had to think whether I’m allowed to play this kind of music, having always played metal. Then I realised: I’m the only one who decides what I play – and I’ll do what I want.”

“We play it as loud as we ever have, hearts on sleeves.”

Genuine, that’s what this is. The music and nothing but the music. When you get to a certain age, you realise staying true to what you truly believe in is all you really have. By this time you know who you are and use that to fuel rock’n’roll that digs deep.

You see, we all love the unpredictable flame of youth. But there comes a time when maturity’s honest I’ve-seen-it-all spark delivers a little magic that picks at your scars, releasing good ol’ emotions. Mean rhythms made meaningful.

“Having all these kilometres under our belt means we now remember to enjoy the process and all the moments along the way. We take none of it for granted. You could imagine the opposite, but our view is: did it all go too fast the last time around,” Ylikoski notes.

Armed with tunes like these, it’s hard to not to get overexcited. All set for a new big bang, taking off to a new planet of sound.

On a roll again, together for the first time. 

What’s been a long time a-coming ready to really get a-going.

Ready to give it all to the team, it’s the final countdown for the blast that rings to the hearts.

Rock’n’roll will never die.

You just give birth to it again and again.

Get ready for the birth cry.

A new planet of sound.

No compromises allowed. Or necessary.

Booking: Toni Ritonen

Production: Heikki Häkkinen

  • — Seinäjoki | Rytmikorjaamo

    Von Hertzen Brothers

  • — Oulu | Tullisali

    Von Hertzen Brothers

  • — Helsinki | Tavastia

  • — Hyvinkää | Rockfest

  • — Tampere | Pakkahuone

  • — Pori | Porispere

  • — Oulu | Qstock

  • — Joensuu | Ilosaarirock


  • — Seinäjoki | Provinssi