Metal De Facto

Metal De Facto is a Helsinki-based power/heavy metal band founded in 2017. The band members have a long history in other bands (Ensiferum, Dreamtale, Leverage, Kivimetsän Druidi, Dyecrest, Everfrost...) and they share a passion to create the best power metal in the world. Musically Metal De Facto bows to the classics of melodic metal but they also combine elements of modern metal to their sound. The idea behind the band is that each album will dive in to the history and mythology of a certain area, culture or country. The debut album ”Imperium Romanum” (release date November 2019) has already received excellent reviews and has a theme tied to the mighty Roman Empire.

Mikael Salo - Singing
Esa Orjatsalo - Guitar & backing vocals
Mikko Salovaara - Guitar & backing vocals
Benjamin Connelly - Keyboards
Sami Hinkka - Bass & backing vocals
Atte Marttinen - Drums

Booking: Toni Ritonen

Production: Joona Teittinen

  • — Lahti | Finlandia-klubi

  • — Tampere | Klubi

  • — Seinäjoki | Rytmikorjaamo

  • — Kauhajoki | Nummirock

  • — Helsinki | Tuska


  • — Kauhajoki | Nummirock