Mercury Circle

Creating atmospheric and dark music, Mercury Circle is the newest band of multi-intrumentalist Jaani Peuhu. Peuhu is also known as a long line producer, and in recent years he has also been seen in The Sun and Hallattare as a musician. Mercury Circle's well-known line-up also includes Jussi Hämäläinen (Hanging Garden), Juppe Sutela (To/Die/For), Andre Kiiski (Rytmihäiriö) and Jaska Raatikainen (Children Of Bodom). Combining Synth/Electro wave, gothic rock and dark metal, the Mercury Circle calls it's style "New Doom". 


At the end of 2020, Metal Hammer UK, one of the world’s largest metal music specialty magazines, listed Mercury Circle as a “band worth following in 2021”. The band, which mixes dark metal and electro sounds, was attached to the ranks of German record label Noble Demo in late summer 2020, and the upcoming album release will be global. Mercury Circle's debut EP "The Dawn of Vitriol" was released in August 2020. Domestic Finnish Inferno magazine said in its assessment that Mercury Circle's music was "the most promising domestic music in a while."

In early April 2021, Mercury Circle released their first single, “You Open Up The Earth,” from their debut album to be released in the fall of 2021.

Booking: Ari Koskinen

Production: Vilhelmiina Viitaniemi

  • — Tampere | Klubi

  • — Jyväskylä | Lutakko

  • — Helsinki | Tavastia