Maj Karma

Finnish rock band Maj Karma will celebrate and end their career with a fairwell tour in the Summer 2024.

Maj Karma was formed in Harjavalta in 1992, and it quickly became an integral part of the Finnish heavy rock scene. Especially the 2006 album release ”Ukkonen” went viral and attracted a large fan base that has been very committed through the years.

The band’s singer Herra Ylppö comments their celebration:
”It shows the complete lack of spine that this band is still together. The original idea was to do one hell of a show and then break up. Well, the show was not too great and we’re still going after 20 years. This is definitely worth celebrating with our fans.”

Known for their renewing musical styles, melancholic lyrics and intense live shows, Maj Karma has stayed under the radar lately. The band only played one live shoe the past summer, and do not have plans for the time after the birthday tour. The tour was equally impatiently waited by both the band and fans_

”Maij’ Karman Kauniit Kuvat was formed in Harjavalta in 1992. Thirty fucking years ago, as 18-year-old kings. We’ve not really celebrated during these years, so now’s the time!”, comments band member Häiriö Piirinen.

Booking: Toni Ritonen, Ari Koskinen

Production: Pyry Hanski

  • — Helsinki | Tavastia

  • — Turku | Metallivuori

  • — Tampere | Tullikamarin Tammerfest

  • — Tampere | Tammerfest

  • — Oulu | Qstock

  • — Harjavalta | Karmarock

  • — Seinäjoki | Provinssi

  • — Kauhajoki | Nummirock