Linea Aspera (UK)

Melancholic, industrial-inspired synthpop band Linea Aspera comes to Helsinki as a part of their cross-European comeback tour. The Londoner duo, who released new music this Autumn for the first time in eight years plays at Kuudes Linja on Wednesday February 3rd, 2021. Ticket sales for the most interesting electronic music show of the early year will start on Friday September 25th on Tiketti.

Born out of a passion shared by friends Zoé Zanias and Ryan Ambridge for 80´s synthetiser sound, cold wave and industrial music Linea Aspera has grown to be unique journey to ominous electronic music. In their skilful production the duo combines sombre minimalism and retro-futuristic synth sound to their lyricism, which explores humanity through scientific analogies. In their live shows Ambridges compositions and Zanias’ stage presence create an enchanting atmosphere.

Their eponymous debut album released in 2012 was followed by a 7 year hiatus which came to an end last year with the release of a compilation album “Preservation Bias” containing songs written between the years 2011 and 2012. Their newest album “LP II” was released this Autumn and the following tour has been sold out in numerous cities across Europe. Linea Aspera has visited Finland once before in 2012 at Restaurant ship Wäiski.

Wednesday February 3rd, 2021
Helsinki, Kuudes Linja

Tickets for sale on Friday September 25th, 9 am
- In advance 18,50 EUR
- At the door 19 EUR

Booking: Aino-Maria Paasivirta

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