Efterklang (DK)


The Danish band Efterklang will return to Finland in the autumn of 2021 at the end of more than a decade of waiting.
Known as an ambitious indie band and one of the most successful bands of its homeland, Efterklang will perform at  Kuudes Linja, Helsinki on Friday, October 22nd, 2021. A combination of the melancholy intimate atmosphere and the hit energy of previous years can be expected at the Helsinki gig.


Led by Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and Rasmus Stolberg, Efterklang has enjoyed popularity among critics and fans for two decades. The debut album “Tripper” (2004), “Parades” (2007) and the fourth studio album “Piramida” (2012) have risen among the most significant releases of experimental pop rock and modern art music. 
The songs from the fifth album, “Altid Sammen” (2019), are sung in the band's mother tongue Danish, unlike the previous production.

Ticket sales will start at Tiketti on Wednesday, May 12th.


Fri October 22nd, 2021 @ Helsinki, Kuudes Linja

Ticket sales
- tickets in advance 16,50 EUR from Tiketti
- tickets from the door 19 EUR

Booking: Artemi Remes

  • — Helsinki | Kuudes Linja

    Doors Starting time

    Please note that corona passport is required upon entry to the event. You can download the official EU COVID certificate from

    The passport will be checked at the door before entering. The application does not collect any personal information. Please download or print the passport in advance to avoid rush.


    Ticket sales start May, 12th at Tiketti
    - in advance 16,50 EUR from Tiketti
    - from the door 19,00 EUR

    - Doors 7 PM
    - Bingo by Efterklang 7.30 PM
    - Efterklang 8.30 PM
    - Curfew 10 PM

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