eee gee (DK)

Emma Grankvist known as eee gee is not afraid to tackle difficult topics in her music. The sensitive and searingly honest Danish indie pop artist draws from loneliness, rejection, and inadequacy, coated with glitter and love. After her highly praised debut album Winning, the artist's second album SHE-REX was released in September 2023. Eee gee, who went through love and heartbreak during the album's writing process, serves the whole spectrum of emotions on SHE-REX, with hope and a touch of self-irony. The singles perfect 10 and school reunion released from the album have already delighted listeners gaining hundreds of thousands of streams on digital platforms.

The artist's first tour of the Nordic countries will reach Helsinki on April 4, 2024.

Booking: Artemi Remes

  • — Helsinki | Kuudes Linja

  • — Helsinki | Sideways

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