Chemical Brothers, The (UK)

British electric music giant The Chemical Brothers has been confirmed to strenghten the line up of Provinssi 2020. Provinssi festival will be celebrated on 25.-27.6.2020. Early bird -tickets and accommodation packages are on sale at Early bird -prices are valid until the end of the year.

The Chemical Brothers is known from breaking the boundary surfaces of rock and electric music. Known for their innovative hits like "Galvonize", "Hey Boy Hey Girl", "Go" and "Block Rockin' Beats" they havea earned many Mercury, Brit Awards and Grammy nominations, also being the first electronic group to win a Grammy.

Their ninth and latest studio album "No Geography" (2019) continues The success story that is The Chemical Brothers. Their mind blowing audio-visual liveshow has been described as "ridicolously ambitious festival production" and it will conclude Provinssi's friday 26th with a bang!

Booking: Rauha Kyyrö

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