Beast In Black

The heavy power metal quintet, Beast In Black, stands on the edge of releasing their third full-length album, "Dark Connection", out on October 29 through Nuclear Blast. The album features the most prominent synths of the band's recordings, especially in the form of Italo disco, Eurobeat and symphonic elements they're well-known for.

Beast In Black was formed in 2015 by guitarist Anton Kabanen. The band's first two albums, Berserker (2017) and "From Hell With Love" (2019) have both been certified platinum in Finland. In a rather short time span they have gained enormous international success, toured European arenas with Nightwish, ending the tour in Helsinki Ice Hall in front of 4,500 fans in 2019.

Inspired by both gaming and fantasy worlds, sci-fi and cyberpunk, the dominating elements the band is most noted for are symphonic metal anthems and their hyper-catchy choruses, sharp riffs and singer Yannis Papadopoulos's extremely diverse vocals. "Dark Connection" comprises all chapters of Kabanen's musical path and takes the band closer to world domination.

Beast In Black:
Yannis Papadopoulos - vocals
Anton Kabanen - guitars
Mate Molnar - bass
Atte Palokangas - drums

Booking: Toni Ritonen, Ari Koskinen

Production: Joona Teittinen

  • — Helsinki | Tuska

  • — Lieto | SmugglerRok

  • — Kuopio | Kuopiorock

  • — Pori | Porispere

  • — Helsinki | Tuska



  • — Tampere | Rockfest