Empire Strikes, The

Tommi Tuoriniemi  - vocals, guitar
Topi Tarkki               - lead guitar
Jaakko Vilpponen   - drums
Paavo Kuukasjärvi  - bass

The Empire Strikes combine the past, present and future of rock’n roll into one brilliant band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. The band started in 2012, released a couple of EP´s and in 2015 their debut album “1983”. It got great reviews and the band played shows in Central Europe, Spain, Italy, The Baltics and Finland. In autumn...

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Toni Ritonen
tel +358 50 4044573


Heikki Häkkinen
tel +358 40 3568657

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Upcoming shows

  • March 30 - Tampere - Jack the Rooster
  • April 06 - Turku - Toby & Fellas
  • May 05 - Helsinki - Bar Loose

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